BYE BYE New Zealand

BYE BYE New Zealand

Aaah some fush and chups – what better way to end off another epic New Zealand trip of amazing DJ gigs and concerts?

Not to mention torn ligaments, cave climbing, horse racing, dog walking, bird talking, microlite flying, bus riding, rhyme writing, ukelele playing, video editing, hitch-hiker saving, book brainstorming, waterfall jumping, body boarding, jigsaw puzzling, nappy changing, puttanesca and empanada cooking, swimming, art therapy, mosquito bites, flea bites, spider bites, boating, fishing,  cricketing, golfing, cycling, lego, gruffalo, stick man, thomas, washing up, ear syringing, wheel spins and dented bumpers….

Volcom I am loving the chili chokers and mean t-shirts! Von Zipper im sorry but your ultra cool sunglasses are in Raglan harbour somewhere…arse…

highlights included Rhythm & Vines festival, Levitate with Charlie Banks, Legendary Raglan Yot Club parties and Sunday Sessions, the wonderful Splore Festival, hanging with Earl Gateshead, Horace Andy, Shapeshifter, Gappy Ranks, ReGrooved Crew, Marek & Fried Chicken Sound System and others….

The hospitality has been overwhelming, and i have enjoyed your sofas/ floors/ understair cupboards, long drop toilets/ apartments/ tea /  coffee / alcohol / uknowhats
all I can say is THANK YOU!  and you know you are all welcome to stay at mine (all at once might be tricky tho)…xxxx


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