Jstar Archives #2 & Serato Space Ibiza Mix

Jstar Archives #2 & Serato Space Ibiza Mix

Click bubble splosh – what's that sound? It's my webdesigner having a very long tea break

Yup no changes here, but i will be getting 'with it' soon (strobing screens and day glo downloads)

First up is the next installment of the Jstar archives with a cheeky extra track that I produced under the name of "Sandy Balls", and had trouble convincing a few DJ's it was me , seeing as they didnt usually like my remixes but liked that one

It's for FREE, but a donation will help fund the current Jstar album production, as I do actually pay for studio time, musicians sessions (i would pay them more if I could!). So get your paypal details ready


In the meanwhile Serato (for those that don't know, make software for people like me to DJ from a computer, so I don't have to carry my record crates around Europe / The world / down the street), asked me to submit a recording from my DJ set at Space Ibiza. But as that wasn't as good as my last appearance there I had to do one at home – so here it is!

Starting with some cheery latin, hiphop reggae edits (as you would expect from Jstar) before some gnarly hard dancehall remixes with wibbly noises and a bit of UK garage bubblin at the end


Live Recording – JStar, We Love… After Dark @ Space Ibiza by Serato on Mixcloud


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