Live and Direct from Jstar

Live and Direct from Jstar

Hey people, welcome to the new finally spankingly good website for Jstar, after all these years!

(Many thanks to Tommy Rockett @ Rockett Creative for kicking my ass to get this together)

The idea is to consolidate all the various things we have on the web nowadays for artists, such as my facebook / soundcloud / and anything that is reposting Jstar stuff

Not only that but i want you to connect with me, share cool stuff, and i will giveaway lots of music, production tips, hints to advice I've appreciated from friends like writing music contracts, negotiating, transferring your vinyl.

For some reason alot of DJs I know are really into cooking like myself, so why not have a little Jstar kitchen area where you can click on some utensils for some recipes?

Oh and some nonsense irrelevant travel videos….

blimey –  i've got the work cut out, but you can help me do this  – just sign up / use the contact form to your right with your email address.

Catch u soon!

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