Jstar No Partial

Jstar No Partial

This month has been a whole heap a touring! but still time in the studio!

Big Ups to La Piranha sessions in Copenhagen with Anders from Urban World Records, the ever amazing RUB A DUB Sundays also in Copenhagen, Manu & Tropical Continent in Zurich, Jan Rantala for Koorvaboosti Festival, Finland

If you missed it, here is the remix I did last year for Major Lazer, of the great Johnny Osbourne sampling "Jah No Partial", here it is now on my Soundcloud page.

At the same time, I remixed a version of the same track with "Who Gwan Test" by Manchester's The Mouse Outfit

They've added a a nice wild west themed video to the mashup here at YouTube

factoid # Diplo used to call the track by it's original ( "Mr.Marshall") so I wanted to call it "Mouster Marshall" but then the title changed to "Jah No Partial" for the Major Lazer album… probably better that my bad jokes dont get in the way of the music…

 Jstar v The Mouse Outfit (feat. Dubbul O) – 'Gwan Test the Marshall'

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