Jstar’s Mixcloud Choice #1

Jstar’s Mixcloud Choice #1

This month i'm checking out radically overlooked strange baldy badman Busysquits, who seems to enjoy junglist ambience and unicorn meat

I'd like to say I don't know much about Busysquits, but I do – not only is he a massive music fan, he's never going to be put in a box or be part any scene. His choices seem to tap into some quintessentially deep UK proto-rave culture, steeped in ragga, junglist, electronica and ambience. His mixes occasionally include some deranged and simple beatloops that he conjured up when not doing whatever he does (and he looks like one badman). No one apart from me seems to listen to his mixtapes/ selections, so I'm inviting you to take a listen….

Vintage SUAD, (Shut Up and Dance), breaks, rave revamps, and ex-smokers delights





SquareCirclize by Busysquits on Mixcloud


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