Jstar goes totally Balkan Again – with Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra

Jstar goes totally Balkan Again – with Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra

After the success of my “Balkan Reggae” remix, Asphalt Tango Records have asked me to do another remix. Now I don’t really have a large knowledge of Balkan, Gypsy, Sinti, Klezmer and other music in a similar style but I have really enjoyed some nights out listening to this music.
Džambo Aguševi Orchestra are megastars in their home country of North Macedonia and I hope they love this remix with all the ingredients I threw in!
Over 10 years ago in London I was working on a remix of a 1950’s track which I called “Kebab”. Some vocal parts – “aaaahy-ah!” – that I recorded with my flatmate and then girlfriend are thrown into this, along with bass clarinet, jangly percussion from an Egyptian film, and some acid synths from that track.
First of all I changed the beats from the original for a more syncopated style. Then I played in some rolling drum toms that reminded me of The Tornados.  To compliment the brass textures, I invited the brilliant violinist Daniel Weltlinger (who plays with Lulu Reinhardt / Radio Django etc) to answer some of the brass phrases in the way only someone with that knowledge and authenticity can.


releases May 29, 2020 / remixed by Jstar / composed by Dzambo Ozden, Henry Ernst / lyrics by Ben Dito
violin – Daniel Weltlinger / original track released on “Brasses for the Masses” / Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra
Mixdown –  Andrew Jones at 2bit Studios, London

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