Holy Rastafari

Holy Rastafari

HOLD TIGHT! I will be delaying the Jstar Bandcamp Archive releases because we have this fat new militant record out on Feb 16th 2015 ! This month sees the release of “Holy Rastafari” featuring Dark Angel on vocal duties – a collaboration with Greece’s AMP Outernational

It’s a spiritual call to arms….
Epic horn fanfares draw you in as Darkk Angel delivers a heavyweight slab of conscious lyrics over an uncompromising thunderous driving bass & drum rhythm created by AMP Outernational and redesigned by Jstar

We’ve had great support from Sam Stryda on Sufferah’s Choice (Dubkasm), Don Letts, David Rodigan, Bassculture (Italy), OBF & Weeding Dub (FR) amongst others

Here’s Youtube and Soundcloud (bcos you cant watch YouTube in Germany) links


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