Jstar; crowd-rocking genre-switching DJ & producer

Jstar escaped a major record label and made classic reggae  /hip hop nuggets on limited 7” vinyl (No Diggity, Tooting Gangsta, ‘Wooh-star’) They made it into record boxes of worldwide DJs  Norman Jay, David Rodigan, Grandmaster Flash, John Peel, Benji B, Diplo.

Nowadays Jstar does official remixes (over 60 productions for Madness, DJ Vadim, The Black Seeds, Ari Up, Mark Ronson & more ); and DJs globally from Mexico to Manchester, Denmark to Delhi.

“Jstar is an original don. Early DJ that helped inspire the Major Lazer crew! Bad man!” Diplo
“always good to have a J-Star moment … like it.” Daddy G (Massive Attack)

A double vinyl gatefold compilation ‘Licensed Plates’ was released in 2013, and a new album is under production with releases in 2015. Get in Contact Here or at Facebook / Soundcloud /Twitter – (icons at the top of this page)

Jstar Archives #2 & Serato Space Ibiza Mix

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Yup no changes here, but i will be getting 'with it' soon (strobing screens and day glo downloads)

First up is the next installment of the Jstar archives with a cheeky extra track that I produced under the name of "Sandy Balls", and had trouble convincing a few DJ's it was me , seeing as they didnt usually like my remixes but liked that one

It's for FREE, but a donation will help fund the current Jstar album production, as I do actually pay for studio time, musicians sessions (i would pay them more if I could!). So get your paypal details ready


In the meanwhile Serato (for those that don't know, make software for people like me to DJ from a computer, so I don't have to carry my record crates around Europe / The world / down the street), asked me to submit a recording from my DJ set at Space Ibiza. But as that wasn't as good as my last appearance there I had to do one at home – so here it is!

Starting with some cheery latin, hiphop reggae edits (as you would expect from Jstar) before some gnarly hard dancehall remixes with wibbly noises and a bit of UK garage bubblin at the end


Live Recording – JStar, We Love… After Dark @ Space Ibiza by Serato on Mixcloud


Jstar Most Wanted Archives; Volume 1 of 4


From the archives; the Jstar back catalogue! All together in one place at last, in 4 volumes – for FREE! (one volume every month) Thank you for your support over the last 10 years… Your donations will help fund a brand new original Jstar album, singles and remixes to be out later in 2015 (studio…

Devil Inside – Yes King (Jstar remix)

YES KINGdevil_inside

The Yes King massive have cooked up another batch of fine reggae tracks for the new LP ‘Re-Record Not Fade Away’. And this time they've let me loose on a spooky remix for their track "Devil Inside" . This is the second LP under the ‘YesKing’ moniker by production heavyweight Rhys Adams for the BBE…