Jstar; crowd-rocking genre-switching DJ & producer

Jstar escaped a major record label and made classic reggae  /hip hop nuggets on limited 7” vinyl (No Diggity, Tooting Gangsta, ‘Wooh-star’) They made it into record boxes of worldwide DJs  Norman Jay, David Rodigan, Grandmaster Flash, John Peel, Benji B, Diplo.

Nowadays bass culture junky Jstar does official remixes (over 60 productions for Madness, DJ Vadim, The Black Seeds, Ari Up, Mark Ronson, Major Lazer & more ); and DJs globally from Mexico to Manchester, Denmark to Delhi. Currently tours with MC Soom T, as well as with Spikey Tee and MC Honey Brown.

“Jstar is an original don. Early DJ that helped inspire the Major Lazer crew! Bad man!” Diplo
“always good to have a J-Star moment … like it.” Daddy G (Massive Attack)

A double vinyl gatefold compilation ‘Licensed Plates’ was released in 2013, and a new album is under production with releases in 2015. Get in Contact Here or at Facebook / Soundcloud /Twitter

Jstar Most Wanted Archives #3

Jstar Most Wanted Archives Volume 3 of 4 is now available for free or donation at my Bandcamp. This one has a few firing shots like ‘Balkan Nas’ & ‘Royal Busy Zion’, and some rollin early mashups from the vinyl releases such as Diwali Love, Taxi Damaja and a ska version of ‘This is How we do It’.

One More Archive to come, and then there will be an instrumental one, aswell as one covering the DnB, Hip-Hop Dubstep and more electronic Jstar remixes…

Holy Rastafari

HOLD TIGHT! I will be delaying the Jstar Bandcamp Archive releases because we have this fat new militant record out on Feb 16th 2015 ! This month sees the release of “Holy Rastafari” featuring Dark Angel on vocal duties – a collaboration with Greece’s AMP Outernational It’s a spiritual call to arms…. Epic horn fanfares draw…

Jstar Archives #2 & Serato Space Ibiza Mix


Click bubble splosh – what's that sound? It's my webdesigner having a very long tea break Yup no changes here, but i will be getting 'with it' soon (strobing screens and day glo downloads) First up is the next installment of the Jstar archives with a cheeky extra track that I produced under the name…